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Management services


Business planning, strategy and advice

Confirm the validity of the core business concepts and develop high-level business plans. Provide strategic advice and develop detailed operational plans

Revenue modelling, financial projections and capital needs analysis

Undertaking assumptions construction, financial planning and revenue modeling to develop detailed financial models, budgets and pro-formas, and determine the medium and long funding requirements of the business

Investment and capital raising proposal development

Determine and confirm the funding requirements and identify potential strategic investors and stakeholders that provide a complementary offering.?? Develop screening criteria to evaluate these potential strategic investors and stakeholders. Lead the approach to the preferred potential strategic investors and stakeholders and conduct the negotiations to raise the identified funds.

Marketing planning and Implementation

Developing the marketing strategy, which involves identifying the competitive positioning, setting marketing objectives, developing a customer acquisition strategy, developing pricing strategies, developing advertising plans, promotion and branding strategies

Market research, analysis and reports

Analyzing markets and presenting research in an easily understandable format aimed at providing clients with practical, useful information. Market research is based upon the applicability to the client’s requirements

Operations, technology and infrastructure planning

Assessing the operations, technology and infrastructure requirements which involves establishing the physical location and office space for the business, developing the support services, processes and infrastructure, as well as developing technology implementation plans, integration framework for partner’s technology and systems, and management assistance with technology execution

Project management

Assessing the project requirements, building project plans, managing and implementing specific requirements to meet the client’s desired outcomes

Human resource management

Developing a human resource management strategy that involves building staffing plan, identifying key roles, organizational structures and charts, developing detailed job descriptions, targeting and interviewing candidates, and management of the recruiting core management teams