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Australian Small Scale Offerings

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) provides a unique platform to unlisted companies to raise capital through the origination, aggregation and sale of their securities. The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board provides an organised and managed platform for investors to gain information about investment opportunities in some of Australia’s most innovative and fast-growing unlisted companies, while also providing a facility for investors to buy and sell securities through primary and secondary sales. There are opportunities to invest in many industry sectors including mining, energy, technology, healthcare, finance, entertainment, digital media, creative services, lifestyle, education, innovation and sustainable development. Some of the benefits include;

    • Access to the ASSOB capital raising system, methodology and platform for you and your investors
    • Ability to make your offer to a wider audience
    • Capital raises of up to $5M without going to disclosure (exempt offers)
    • Comprehensive administration services throughout the capital raising process
    • Marketing support and associated services available via print, online and video
    • Credibility and professionalism with formal structure and presentation provides investors with added confidence
    • Not just a onetime transaction. The ability to conduct restricted secondary sales (share transfers) provides liquidity to existing shareholders and new investors



Reaching investors at an ASSOB pitch event


A case study of a successful ASSOB capital raising


The ASSOB platform and how to use it to raise capital – webinar