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Driving business growth, building great businesses

 There is no better way to generate business growth than by innovation, strategy, cutting-edge marketing and capital. A great idea or compelling business model needs the right ingredients; funding to take it to the next level, strategic thinking and strong management that can guide it, execute and deliver. Nexttrack business advisory services are designed around this premise, growth outcomes achieved through capital, strategy development and marketing.


Business advisor

chart_upManagement and business services for small to medium enterprises (SME) & emerging companies looking to grow their businesses. From strategy, marketing, revenue modelling to business plans and business development.

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Start-up programs

globe The Business Startup Advisor Program aims at delivering strategy and mentoring advice to grow and prosper your new business. From startup through to emerging and fast growing companies, there is a package to suite your business.

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Capital & funding

dollar_currency_signNexttrack and The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) offers an alternative pathway to fund and grow your business. ASSOB is the premier capital raising platform for early stage companies, providing a robust and compliant process to reach and connect with investors.

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Entrepreneurs: looking to raise capital

ASSOB matches entrepreneurs, job creators and business pioneers seeking growth capital with investors looking for high growth opportunities. A capital raising marketing and compliance platform, ASSOB is the perfect vehicle for your business growth journey.

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Investors: looking for opportunities

For investors we specialise in providing introduction services to sophisticated, professional and overseas investors, helping to match investment criteria with appropriate opportunities.

Listed on this site are companies seeking investment capital across a range of sectors including resources, technology, financial services, property and many more. We invite you to become a Member to access and view these opportunities. MORE..

How to "Start my Raise" with the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform

Do you have a growing business? Big plans for the future?

Have you found raising capital challenging? Big banks won't listen, business angels have too much choice or your business or idea not quite big enough for venture capital.

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board might be the answer.

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Client portfolio

Nexttrack's clients include a variety of start-ups and high growth companies looking to build their businesses via capital funding, strategic management and marketing

  • Ocular Robotics
    Ocular Robotics is a robotics company with a ground-breaking patented sensor pointing technology.
    Forrester Cohen International
    Forrester Cohen has developed an online property market that connects developers with investors.
    Avado Organics
    Avado Organics is a personal care business specialising in 100% organically certified products.
  • Ecobuild Solutions
    Ecobuild Solutions is a building products company with patents for roofing and cladding systems.
    Cinemaware is an international developer and publisher of PC, console, internet and mobile games.
    Energy Saving Projects
    Energy Saving Projects provides full-service lighting energy saving solutions for businesses.